Saturday, April 6, 2013

What does PeneLAHpe's, The BoxCarGrocer and the Final 4 have in commom?

Do you know the answer to the above question? Well they all heighten one of your senses....Penelahpe's your food sense, The BoxCAr Grocer your organic sense and the Final 4 your sports sense. Let me further make the connection: Penelahpe's will be serving up brunch @ The Box CAr Grocer from 10-2pm, down the street from the Final four festivities. Penelahpe's serves breakfast on Sundays in the Castleberry Area @249 Peters Street. The menu changes from week to week and you can always count on Cheese grits and homefries smothered with onions and colorful peppers. The week April 7, we are serving Biscuits Thins, Homefries, Shrimp Cakes, Red Bean patties (vegan), and homemade hand pattied chicken sausage. Our breakfast/brunch are great for your belly, and the pockets... the atmosphere is welcoming so bring your laptops, meet up with friends and just take it easy like Sunday Morning. Also at the BoxCar is a Farmer's Market with other vendors, sure to make contact with your other senses. Next week: Collard Green egg rolls will be ondeck, pre order and come and pick up now and cook later... Penelahpe's will be dropping off VEgan chocolate samples around town