Chef Kweith Bolden and I became quick friends over conversations solely about food and eating. Her role as Event Chef for Penelahpe's only touches a few of her culinary talents. http://http://www.blogtalkradio.com/virtualfitness/2011/06/16/interview-kwikphyt-founder-kwietha-bolden

One of her admirable talents is her ability seek out good eateries around world. This leads us to the Bamboo Luau on Cheshire Bridge, one of Chef Kweitha's midnight run places for food satisfaction. This is her food review: "Bamboo Luau - Open Late night... fresh, friendly and fast Chinese food... I should know... I'm from the Chinese food capitol of the US... San Fran... Man they are good (No MSG just ask)!"
And trust-- We have spent many of late late nights or early mornings savoring the offerings of Bamboo Luau.. so onst again get up get out and get eating. Penelahpe's can feed you more ways than one!!

Click on the picture for a full menu of Bamboo Luau and click on the link to find out more about Chef Kweitha.

As we move to from the front of the house to the "back of the house" so to speak- to Penelahpe's on-call administrative side staff aka "can you do this please" Ms. Hanifa.

Now Ms. Hanifa and I have cooked together and know each other and are coming to know each others palates pretty well. So I can safely say, she enjoys the sours that are offered in Dandilions greens and that our found in Thia food and good healthy soul food. So when I asked her what is her favorite places to sneak away and eat -- she answered in mid question..Mali Restaurant on Amsterdam and Sweet Georgia Juke Joint
in downtown Atlanta.

Ms. Hanifa, as of mentioned before, likes the sours from the citrus and the spicy of the peppers and the use of nuts and the vegetables and the textures used of Thai food and they are found Mali Resaurantat. So check out the menu and allow yoursleves to palate travel post a comment on the blog.

Next, As we travel downtown to Sweet Georgia Juke Joint, I remember Ms. Hanifa calling me from this spot excited about the food, the live music and the services offered to her and her work group who rented a private room. Later that evening she stopped by my house and we pulled up the menu and marveled at the offerings. She especially bragged about the house salad that had my mouth watering, truly.

This establishment is Black owned,9the website give a wealth o f history about the "juke joint") and is located downtown Atlanta in the old Macy's building whre valet parking is available. One last note, word on the street is despite the economic tornado effecting all types of businesses, Sweet Georgia has proven to have survived and is a great success, a testiment to its offerings. Please support good food, good music and good times.