Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week Three-last week we sold out!!!

friday dinners

Greetings on this third week of the food hustle and bustle......Last week was awesome we sold out of all meals and we hope to sell more this week and the next.. Penelahpe's goal with Friday Night Dinner is for a plate of our food to touch the belly in the Atlanta Metro area, respectfully, also it is a chance for currency to flow as we feed our friends and familiy and clients.

Today we ventured to East Atlanta and shared this Friday's menu... Thank you East Atlanta for being great!!!!

This weeks menu is filled with a new delightful treat overstuffed tollhouse cookies. yes we use a tollhouse recipe because it Rocks and what we add to it is surely to be your new favorite dessert long side the "bomb shell blondie"

Okay back to the menu:

Bbq Salmon Burgers( which are the truth) with collards and sweet potato salad


Vegetarian Kung Pao Chicken with Seasonal Stir Fried veggies and Thai Basil

Dessert: Overstuffed Tollhouse Cookies

8$ plates includes a Drink

pick up 5-7pm

Delivery from 7-9pm two plate minimum

Thank you for" letting us feed you"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week two let us feed you!!!!!!! Penelahpe's Friday Night Dinners

friday dinners

Good afternoon and thank you in advance. Last Friday was wonderful all around. Penelahpe's Friday Night Dinner were well received and we are contintuing on to this Friday and the Next and the next..... To my wonderful staff, thank you for all your on time help in the kitchen, on line, on the phone and in the streets. Thursday we are back ar it in the kitchen. This weeks menu had a new item to many Red Rice, it is great grain, it cooks like brown rice and sautees nicely with onions and spices and coconut oil, if you want to get fancy. In addition i am making carrot cake with cream cheese vanilla cream cheese icing... no this is not part of vegetarian or fat free but loveful!!!!!!!!!


Pan Fried tilapia wrapped in savory nan bread served with Indian spiced red rice, and mixed greens.


Veggie philly somthered with bell peppers and smoked provolone ( vegan) cheese wrapped in savory nan bread and served with sweet potato fries and wasabi slaw ( not too spicy)

Dessert: Super moisted carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese icing.

and a beautiful beverage.

Plates are 8$ pick up 5-67pm directions - long side blog

Delivery 7-9pm with a two plate minimun

You can pay in advance at paypal sending money to or use the link above

have a great rest of the week and hope to serve you soon.

be sure to include all important information in order made through paypal, evite and

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

friday dinners

Monday, May 3, 2010

Penelahpe's Friday Dinners are here!!!!!!!

Penelahpe's began delivery wonderful healthy lunches around the Decatur and Atlanta area, about four years ago, repectfully.

Well we are at it again!

Calling all families, groups of friends, singles, barbershops, beauty shops, tattoo shops,car washes, clothing boutiques, my brothers and sisters in the lab, new moms and dads..... Penelahpe's would like to FED YOU!

A lot of people's Fridays are crazy and after all it also the end of the week,who wants to cook, better yet who wants fast food to slow you down at the beginning of the weekend?

Penelahpe's has the solution: Friday night Dinner just view menu and pay on this, blog, Facebook, and call in (4046459233) or email orders to Dinners will be ready at 5 for pick up and delivery will begin at 7pm. Minimum delivery two plates, homemade drinks will be available. Delivery stops at 9pm, unless otherwise convinced.

We begin May 14th. Between now and then send me your Penelahpe's favorites meals. But for starters:

Curry chicken burgers stuffed with ginger and basil, served on wheat bun, sweet potato home fries, salad and a sampling of "BombShell Blondies"
BBQ tofu, spicy marinated kale, roasted garlic coconut rice, and bomb shell blondies

EAch plate is 8$
2plates minimum for delivery
To pay in advance:see buy botton on below blog
Thank you for the Opportunity.