Wednesday, November 26, 2014

October 2014 Penelahpe's At the A3c

Penelahpe's had the pleasure of feed the creative minds of A3C at Pro-Audio portion  of the A3C.  Music education and producer showcases.

 1. A3C largest Southeastern music convention that displays World Wide Hip Hop talent form the studio to the stage.
2. Penelahpe's has been a Food Sponsor for over 4 years
3. Menu:
Collard Green egg rolls
Smoked Salmon Patties
Chicken Apple Sliders
Wonton chips with Crab Dip

Mouth Watering Yet?????

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Penelahpe's Fall update 2013

Greeting to all of you in the virtual world of food. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?.. Ok once upon a some of you may know my home caught fire this pass July and my family and I lost everything. We stayed at a wonderful extended stay for less than a month and we are now relocated and in settled Atlanta.... The children are in school, Tamir is running the house, Terry's studio is up and running and Penelahpe's catered its first event for a SAE at the A3C. We are all blessed. What's in Penelahpe's near future... Intimate catering ALWAYS, and Personal Chef services are still available, and Desserts...Vegan Chocolate Cake and Bombshell Blondies As for as future developments .. A thank you dinner party on my country porch in the big city...Iglootew and Penelahpe's event series... and Penelahpe's signature products far as the rest ...I will let you know as I know... Thank you all for your support....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

What does PeneLAHpe's, The BoxCarGrocer and the Final 4 have in commom?

Do you know the answer to the above question? Well they all heighten one of your senses....Penelahpe's your food sense, The BoxCAr Grocer your organic sense and the Final 4 your sports sense. Let me further make the connection: Penelahpe's will be serving up brunch @ The Box CAr Grocer from 10-2pm, down the street from the Final four festivities. Penelahpe's serves breakfast on Sundays in the Castleberry Area @249 Peters Street. The menu changes from week to week and you can always count on Cheese grits and homefries smothered with onions and colorful peppers. The week April 7, we are serving Biscuits Thins, Homefries, Shrimp Cakes, Red Bean patties (vegan), and homemade hand pattied chicken sausage. Our breakfast/brunch are great for your belly, and the pockets... the atmosphere is welcoming so bring your laptops, meet up with friends and just take it easy like Sunday Morning. Also at the BoxCar is a Farmer's Market with other vendors, sure to make contact with your other senses. Next week: Collard Green egg rolls will be ondeck, pre order and come and pick up now and cook later... Penelahpe's will be dropping off VEgan chocolate samples around town

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Watch this @ penelahpe's

Happy Good February......Feast your eyes and share.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year from Penelahpe's and Chef Leslie and a preview to our events, services and edibles

Happy New to all!!!! I have missed our time together but I Chef Leslie am back. I gave birth to a lovely baby boy on December 14, 2012. Now I am nursing and planning... oh yes big plans.
Before the winter is over Penelahpes will host a photo shoot for our gift bags and baskets.. we want to be your choice to pamper you and your loved ones in the up and coming holidays. We will be inviting clients to participate.
In the the Spring Penelahpe's in conjunction with IGLOOtew Studios (my husband's company)will be hosting a launch party to introduce MIDNIGHT Run food is similar to Friday Night Dinner but food delivery late night to music studios( too many music industry folks not making healthy food choices) we will help you eat good through the night.

Our new dessert photos will be on our website soon.....and as always Penelahpe's will promote other small businesses, and we want to hear from you about good places to eat and events about the town. or or post a comment on our blog or facebook.

Penelahpe's will he sponsoring Dinners for Men in Motion as a fundraiser in February, stay tune to order plates and attend the show.

peace and love