Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Friday dinners

okay so I just erased my post five min before posting so this will be brief.

I went to San Antonio, TX with a fellow chef in support of her son finishing airforce boot camp. On the way down we encountered some great Mexican food right outside of Houston, man I was disappointed I couldn't eat it all. Then when we arrived to out destination.. we are some ridiculously tasty Thai food. Who would of thought? Fresh fruit and veggies sustained us the rest of the trip. Mind you it was a 14 hour trip done twice within 72hours and I almost forgot in Houston, I sampled some grill blackened seafood man.. it taste like all the butter and Cajun goodness was in the hands of some wonderful chef.

Now we are back and here is this weeks menu:

Roasted vegetable wrap with portabellos, roasted peppers and zuccihini or

Bbq chicken wrap: ground chicken marinated in bbq sauce and stuffed with onions and peppers

served with salad and well I am at a dilemma rosemary potatoes or veggie delicious baked beans

menu update this evening stay tuned.

As always tasty tea, dessert

pick up 5-7pm delivery 7-9pm

8$ plates you can pay above and 2$ delivery charge

As always thank you so much for the continued support!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's For Dinner?

Friday dinners

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Good evening and good day for all those reading this blog. I always appreciate the new customers the have joined the ranks of Penelahpes' satisfied customers. We were so busy last week, we had not a free hand to take pictures!!!! One good thing our customers responded on facebook and I even got a few early morning phone calls about Friday Night's Dinner.

This week is particularly challenging in trying to figure out what we can do that is a simple meal with a lot of flavors. Not even gourmet just real real good comfort foods. So even as I write this the menu is still being cultivated in my mind. With all the noise in the coffee shop where I type I look over my sketched out my shopping list, and the lists gets longer and vendors are added until my paper is filled. Then i sleep on it. Well not tonight....okay I think I got it!!

Menu for July 16Th 2010

Penelahpe's Friday Night Dinners:

Blackened Salmon burgers smothered in caramelized onions


Veggie burgers smothered in smoked provolone(soy) cheese

both dressed with lettuce and tomato and come with tomato salad tossed with pesto, almonds and japanese yam home fries.

Dessert is still in the oven ..wont know what it is until its done

Trust dinners are ready at 5pm

Pick up 5-7pm

delivery 7-9pm (unless otherwise convinced)

2$ delivery charge do to volume of deliveries ( thank you for keeping us busy)

ORDER NOW!!! payments can be made on this page look up


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fridaynight dinners are gaining momentum thank you atl

friday dinners

Last week was great. Our clients were pleased with the cauliflower they normally dont eat.....and the tofu was very comforting to one our regulars who had a rough weekend... glad to add some peace wherever we can.......I, Chef Leslie, am telling your we have a terrifc staff that loves good food as much as I do and for that Penelahpes is blessed and properous.

Updates: Coming soon penelahpe's will be setting up an awesome snack bar at various events around town>>>>>

This week's menu came to me early, but the daily life had me running around the world and I just landed. So may I have a drum roll please.......oh one more thing I had a request from B Price and Boog Brown for collard green egg rolls -- so of course i will accomodate... our motto is to "Let Us Feed You."


Teriyaki turkey Burger wrap with hoisin sauce vinaigrette


Homemade vegan black bean burgers wrap dressed with spicy chile yogurt sauce

Both wraps come wirh lettuce, tomatoes and fingerling potato home fries and nappa cabbage slaw

and a special treat collard green egg roll

dessert: bomb shell blondies with almonds, white chocolate and cranberries

8$ plates 2$ delivery charge due to increase in delivery volume

Please call for details 4046459233

place orders now you can use the paypal function on this blog thank you...

see you next week