Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Penelahpe's invites all to be a part of groundbreaking movement: Fundraising for the Black Heritage Museum and Cultural

A quick note, PeneLAHpe's has an awesome opportunity to donate foods to a fundraising event for an organization dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Black Heritage and Culture as a vehicle of empowerment and education, The Black Heritage Museum and Cultural Center.

The organizer of this event is Ms. Dianne Valentin. She puts the D in dedication, diligence and delivery!!! And She is my daughter's grandmother and one of my heroes!!

When: Saturday, October 1, 2011
From 6 pm— To 10 pm

Where: The roof top deck at
563 Memorial Drive, S. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30312
(Condos next to Doc Chey’s)

Plan to enjoy good company, good conversation, good food, and good music as we raise funds in support of the progress and programs of the Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center.

RSVP Contact Info:
Dianne Valentin—404.431.9593

Below are a few words from Ms. Dianne:
The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with 501 (c)(3) federal tax exempt status. Our mission is to document and preserve Black heritage, culture, and scholarship and use it to encourage, empower, and uplift current and future generations through scholarly engagement, art, and artistic expression, while cultivating critical thought.
Our vision is to secure a location where we can begin to engage in the acquisition, exhibition, preservation and study of works of artistic, historical, and scientific value. We will engage in social, intellectual, and artistic activities that reflect our impact on society and its growth and development. We will elevate and advance discussions on our history and heritage, engage in discourse to advance our cultural, technical, and scientific knowledge through scholarship. We will also continue our ongoing programs that have helped close to 2,000 young people realize their dream of a college education.
We have been building strong relationships and a positive presence within the local community in which we plan to launch our first facility, as well as with the broader communities that we serve. We are now ready to make our vision of an independent brick and mortar institution of Black history, culture, and scholarship a physical reality.
We are beginning Phase One of our efforts to raise funds to have sufficient operating capital for 2012 and the first quarter of 2013, office equipment, and to purchase the building that will be the initial home for our administrative offices, gallery, small theater to support our performing arts, and lecture hall. With your financial support we can also upgrade our website,, to accept online donations, secure the building we hope to purchase located on Main Street in historic Tarboro, North Carolina, and engage in operations from that location.
Our goal for Phase One is to raise $375,000 by the end of 2012 with $200,000 being assigned to the acquisition of the three story brick building mentioned above, and the remaining $175,000 taking us through 2012 and into first quarter 2013 operations.
We would like to request that you give consideration to making our organization one that you support.
Thank you,
Dianne Valentin
Co-Founder, Executive Director

For questions contact:
Dianne Valentin

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2011 Donor Form - Please note that your donation is tax – deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Please make checks payable to: The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, Inc.
Please mail completed form and donation to:
The Black Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 1501
Tarboro, North Carolina 27886

Monday, September 5, 2011

Penelahpe's tasting at My Coffee Shop in East Lake

PeneLAHpe's has had the wonderful opportunity of having a food tasting at My Coffee Shop in East Lake. We look forward to doing a great deal of business with them in the future. They sampled our Ethiopian Spiced Hummus, Pesto Penne Pasta, and Curry Chicken Salad served over a bed a spinach and with ghee buttered French bread.

This coffee shop is warm and family centered... The staff is amazing and attentive. They know what their repeat customer want before they order and hey are always eager for you to try a new menu item and to stay and while.

I, often frequent this place with friends and my children to eat, drink, chill out and get my chef administrative business handled. The drinks are good, like their Lemon Basil Lemonaide.. it is like drinking the best of a summer day in a magical garden, to say the least. My favorite is their turkey sandwhich and cheese grits and their African Fruit Tea. My children ask me on occasion can they there go for a smoothie or a chocolate soy milk.

For those of you who like to surf the net, their are ample plugs, and you are not waiting patiently for a good seat to charge your lab top and to get stuff done. I highly recommend this for a place for solo and business group visits. On Fridays they have live artists perform.. Sundays they are closed and this Coffee shop rents its space out for small events. click on the link to more information. So if you seek comfort, good eats, and a place for your children to relax I highly recommend My Coffee Shop in East Lake.